Pro Reefer and Mobile Truck Services is proud to be the exclusive Zanotti Canada dealer (Diesel / self-conained Reefer Unit) for Ontario


  1. Zanotti is an Italian manufacturer of transport refrigeration units since 1962
  2. Zanotti has been in Canada for 15 years
  3. Zanotti has a Yanmar engine, many interchangeable parts
  4. Zanotti has a 2 belt system compared to competitors 5 belt systems
  5. Zanotti has less overall maintenance costs/less moving parts
  6. Zanotti’s fuel efficiency is 0.3 litres per hour compared to competitor’s 0.8 litres per hour, based on third party studies
  7. Zanotti oil changes every 2000 hours or 12 months compared to competitor service intervals of 750 or 1000 hours
  8. Zanotti is the quietest reefer on the market
  9. Many parts are covered under warranty for 24 months
  10. Pro Reefer and Mobile Truck Services will provide mobile service, repairs and warranty

Un0° Diesel



A revolution in the industry!

Thanks to the many years of research and development, Zanotti introduced the Un0° series in 2010. Proud of its compressor, directly coupled to the Yanmar engine, the Un0° has only one belt: the one for the alternator and water pump. In reducing significantly the moving parts, Zanotti is able to reduce maintenance costs to bottom never achieved before. Not only this unit offers the most power on the market, the Un0° are also the lightest unit available: less weight = more payload. The automatic temperature management through the microprocessor gives you that quiet peace of mind!

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