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We Service Municipal Bus Fleets Across Canada

Municipal bus service
Municipal bus service

Bus Services

We Service All Major OEM's

A cool bus in the summer and warm bus in the winter is crucial for your riders comfort. We maintain A/C and heaters across all major OEM's. This includes New Flyer, Nova Bus, Eldorado, and Van Hool.

With proper notice and planning, we begin our work in early spring and early fall so that your A/C and heating units are ready Canada's hottest and coldest months.

Bus Services

Proactive Maintenance & Inspections. Less Downtime

We take a preventative approach towards maintaining your bus fleet. We perform A/C and heater maintenance check-ups seasonally to identify and repair small issues before they become a major problem.

Inspection and maintenance work includes:

Reefer Maintenance and Inspections
Pro Reefer Portal App

The Portal - Fleet Maintenance Data

Real-Time Data You Can Use

Customer have access to service data through the Portal. All our technicians have web-based tablets and log their work as soon as it is performed. You can review these logs, and all historical work orders and services performed, in real-time and on any device.

Whether you want to track the progress of a repair, the status of a unit being re-fuelled, a previous invoice, PM currency, or many other queries of your choosing, we provide you data you can use to maintain your fleet.

We Come To You!

We proudly serve customers all across Canada by bringing our 100% mobile services to their yards.

All our trucks are a full service shop on wheels. We perform ongoing maintenance and big repair jobs onsite. This reduces fleet downtime and saves customers time and money.

Bus Maintenance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions | Bus Services

We service all major OEMs including New Flyer, Nova Bus, Eldorado, and Van Hool.

We perform annual A/C inspections (typically in the spring) and heater inspections (typically done in the fall).

We also perform proactive and emergency maintenance and repairs year round.

We use OEM and after-market parts, as requested by the customer.

Our cloud-based fleet maintenance software allows our customers direct and transparent access. The system stores all service logs, as well as work orders and invoices, so you can track work performed and costs incurred. 

No, we will come to you. All of our work is done onsite in your yard.

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