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Onsite Re-Fuelling For Your Reefers & Heaters

Onsite Re-Fuelling For your Entire Reefer Fleet. All Year Round

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Re-Fuelling Services

Full Service Re-Fuelling

Benefits of Onsite Re-Fuelling

Your drivers will always have a full tank when leaving the yard. They will not have to waste time driving to the gas station, nor waste time filling up fuel.

Year-round Fuel Conditioning

Fuel system health is a priority. Additives can be used to safeguard and mitigate water from building up in the system. This ensures optimal quality and system integrity.

Winter Performance Grade Diesel

Prepare your heaters for the harshest winter conditions. Our winter performance grade diesel is a coloured/dyed diesel and fortified with a specialized winter additive. It goes beyond preventing gelling and helps keep your heater performing in frigid temperatures.

Re-Fuelling Services

Why Re-Fuel With Us

Pro Reefer Portal App

The Portal - Fleet Maintenance Data

Real-Time Re-Fuelling Data

Customer have access to service data through the Portal. All our technicians have web-based tablets and log their work as soon as it is performed. You can review these logs, and all historical work orders and services performed, in real-time and on any device.

Re-fuelling work we perform is logged by vehicle. We record engine hours, on-time hours, fuel consumption, fuel work hours, and other data metrics, giving you the information you need to manage your fleet. You can access it all anywhere and on any device.

We Bring Re-Fuelling To You!

How great would it be to have a re-fuelling station in your yard? Now you do.

We offer reefer and heater re-fuelling services in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

Re-fuelling FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions | Re-Fuelling Services

We provide re-fuelling services independently and as part of our onsite work.  We save you the time and hassle of getting fuel yourself.

As we top up your fuel, we also check for alarms, check the oil, and inspect the vehicle for other ongoing repairs or maintenance. 

We also provide you with the data you need to maintain your fleet. All re-fuelling work is logged available to you through the Portal.

We use coloured/dyed diesel with additive that helps mitigate gelling.

We can inject fuel additives year-round to help eliminate water and moisture from the fuel line. 

Yes, and in the unlikely event of a spill, we will clean up the area immediately.

Yes. Our service trucks are equipped with a 10’ platform to allow our techs to safety and conveniently re-fuel. Our trucks are also outfitted with railgates for increased safety for our techs, each of whom undergo rigorous training before performing any re-fuelling in your yard. 

We refuel 24/7 based on your needs. Before we start the work, we will work with you to create a custom workplan that meets your requirements while ensuring our employees' safety.

Each of our service trucks comes equipped with an 1100L fuel tank. For customers with larger re-fuelling needs, we have trucks fitted with 2200L and 3500L tanks.

We can perform refuelling across your entire fleet. We use dyed diesel across the country (except AB and SK). Just let us know how much you need. 

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