Fleet Maintenance Data

The Portal: Your Gateway To Useable Real-Time & Historical Data

Real-Time & Cloud Hosted

All our technicians have web-based tablets that sync with our database instantaneously. The Portal does not require any downloads or installations. Customers can access it on any device that has an internet connection.

Informative Updates

When a technician finishes the job, the data is synced to the Portal. Customers instantly receive a “Work Order Proof” email with the result of the service. The Portal stores photos the technician takes, too. All damage is captured visually and sent to the customer with the Work Order Proof. Completed PM checklists are also sent with Work Order Proofs so you can see the details of what was completed.

All Service Records Tracked

See what it takes to maintain your fleet. We record all PM's, inspections, repairs, maintenance, and any other service work completed.

You can track the progress of a repair, check the status of a unit being re-fuelled, look up PM currency, see if excessive parts are being replaced on a certain unit, and a ton of other queries.

Useful Reporting

We start by sending you 4 Standard Reports:

1. Work Order Proof (when a technician closes a job)

2. Work Order Invoices (including itemized pricing)

3. Work Order Estimate (including pictures of damage)

4. Monthly Statements (sent on the 10th day of every month)

Access To Historical Data

In the Portal, you can see what it has taken to maintain your fleet over the years.

You have access all their historical service data, by vehicle and for the fleet as a whole. You can look back over certain key metrics, review a specific vehicle and all related service, and even compare old invoices and service hours per vehicle.

Unlock The Power Of Your Data

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