Pro Reefer Announces Acquisition of OMAC Refrigeration of Red Deer, Alberta

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Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – June 17, 2024) – Pro Reefer would like to announce the acquisition of OMAC Refrigeration in January of 2024. The acquisition gives Pro Reefer access to Red Deer and the surrounding area.

“Pro Reefer was founded in 1998 on the idea that reefers do not need to go to a shop to be maintained. For more than 25 years, we have stayed true to this idea and expanded our business across Canada,” says Derek Hone, National Sales Manager at Pro Reefer.

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“With the acquisition of OMAC, Pro Reefer now has operations in Red Deer, Alberta, providing 24/7 mobile on-site maintenance and repairs for reefers, heaters, gen-sets and trailers.”

Owner of OMAC, Garnet Morisseau sold to Pro Reefer because he believed in their culture, as their business models are very similar. “To put the customer first and provide the best service possible,” says Morisseau.

“We are committed to carrying on the great service in Red Deer that Red Deer companies and transportation professionals have come to expect over the past 40 years while dealing with OMAC Refrigeration and more specifically Garnet Morisseau,” says Hone.

Garnet’s mobile reefer experience goes back 40 years and he was the second person ever in the province of Alberta to obtain his mobile reefer technician license. Garnet has agreed to stay on board with Pro Reefer as an Ambassador to ensure the smooth transition from his customers to Pro Reefer. Pro Reefer thanks Garnet for his years of service and wishes he and his wife Brenda a happy well-earned retirement.

Derek Hone
National Sales Manager
(416) 888-4411

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