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Reefer & Heater Service For All Your Trucks & Trailers

Truck & Trailer Onsite Services

Truck Maintenance & Repair

We offer onsite and mobile truck maintenance and repairs. This includes emergency and 24/7 assistance when the unexpected occurs.

Our onsite work includes running repairs such as no-starts, battery replacements, lights/electrical work, wheel seals, gladhand servicing, mud flap work, adjusting brakes, and addressing tailgate issues.

Truck & Trailer Onsite Services

Trailer Repairs & Inspections

We offer onsite and mobile PM's to ensure your trailers are ready for you. Onsite PM services include:

Truck & Trailer Shop Services

Truck Inspections

Our commitment to your truck fleet includes inspections for safety and other regulatory needs. For customers in Winnipeg and Toronto, we offer truck inspection services at our licensed shop and related company.

These inspections include assessment of the power train, suspension, brake systems, steering, instruments and auxiliary equipment, lamps, electrical system, body, tires and wheels, and coupling devices.

Truck & Trailer Shop Services

Certified Shops

We have certified garages in Winnipeg and Toronto (related company) for large repair jobs and truck inspections. Both locations are licensed and certified commercial shops with more than 6,000 sq. ft. and multiple bays.

Customers in search of shop-based work outside of Winnipeg and Toronto can use our Contact Form and let us know.

Pro Reefer Portal App

The Portal - Fleet Maintenance Data

Real-Time Data You Can Use

Customer have access to service data through the Portal. All our technicians have web-based tablets and log their work as soon as it is performed. You can review these logs, and all historical work orders and services performed, in real-time and on any device.

Whether you want to track the progress of a repair, the status of a unit being re-fuelled, a previous invoice, PM currency, or many other queries of your choosing, we provide you data you can use to maintain your fleet.

We Come To You!

We proudly serve customers all across Canada by bringing our 100% mobile services to their yards.

All our trucks are a full service shop on wheels. We perform ongoing maintenance and big repair jobs onsite. This reduces fleet downtime and saves customers time and money.

Truck & Trailer Maintenance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions | Truck & Trailer Services

We provide truck maintenance and repairs in all provinces except Saskatchewan. We can do running repairs over the road such as no-starts, batteries, lights/electrical, wheel seal, glad hand, mud flap, adjust brakes, tailgate issues, etc.

Our highly qualified, licensed mechanics have the experience, tools and software to work on ALL major OEM manufacturers.

No, but as we’re inspecting the unit we can notify you and/or call in a sub-vendor who specializes in tire replacement.

No, safety inspection tests can only be done at a provincially certified (MVIS) shops or a certified pad if you have one onsite.

We currently have two shops that are certified by provincial governments where annual safeties can be performed:

Winnipeg: 1214 Fife St. Winnipeg, MB R2X 2N6

Toronto: 5425 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E6
(Triple Diamond, a sister-company) 

In Montreal, we can do Pre-SAAQs on site but customers are required to call in the SAAQ inspector for final approval.

We provide trailer services everywhere we operate. This includes BC, AB, MB, SK, ON, and QC.

In MB (Winnipeg) and ON (Toronto), we have shops where we can service your fleet. Check out our locations page to learn more. 

Our techs will come to you.

We work on all major OEM trailers.

Our Truck and Trailer shops in Winnipeg and Mississauga have shunt trucks available and can provide P&D if units are in close proximity to the shop.

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