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Since 1998, Pro Reefer and Mobile Truck Services has provided 24/7 mobile on-site Reefer, Heater, Truck, Trailer and Re-Fuelling services to several large fleets in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Maintaining a refrigerated truck (also known as a reefer truck) is crucial to ensure the integrity of your reefer loads for several reasons.

Firstly, it ensures the safe transportation of perishable goods, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. A malfunctioning reefer could compromise product quality, leading to financial losses and potential health risks.

Secondly, regular maintenance minimizes unexpected breakdowns, reducing downtime and ensuring timely deliveries. Lastly, a well-maintained reefer contributes to fuel efficiency, environmental sustainability, and overall operational reliability.

Here are some key maintenance tips for keeping your reefer truck in good condition:

  1. Maintain the Right Temperature:
    • Reefer trucks must maintain the correct temperature for transporting specific products safely.
    • Regularly calibrate the refrigeration unit and ensure the compressor is working properly.
    • Understand how the condenser and evaporator function to identify mechanical problems.
    • Look out for oil leakage from the engine and compressor.
  2. Keep Your Diesel Tank Full:
    • Reefer units run on diesel fuel, so anticipate higher fuel consumption compared to non-powered dry van trailers.
    • Some loading docks require at least three-quarters of a tank of fuel before loading reefer freight.
  3. Clean the Interior:
    • After each shipment, clean the trailer interior, especially if it carried food items.
    • Proper cleaning prevents contamination and maintains sanitation.
  4. Prevent Contamination and Cross-Contact:
    • Ensure safe food hauling practices.
    • Prevent cross-contamination of raw food and allergens.
  5. Provide Food Safety Training:
    • Drivers and carriers should complete safety training to transport food safely

Does your reefer need repair from damage?

There are five types of damages that we typically see on reefer containers. Here is what to watch out for:

Physical damage: Physical damage may result from small impacts during the loading and unloading process. Additional protection might be in order if physical damage keeps occurring during shipping. Additionally, adequate weight distribution improves stability, which protects rolls and falls.

Infestation damage: Rodents, pests and insects may infest your container, especially if a container is inadequately cleaned and maintained. These animals pose significant threats to the cargo, primarily in agricultural products. Regularly cleaning and inspecting your reefers reduces the hours and costs you’d incur due to inspections by port authorities.

Contamination damage: Reefers containing different chemical products may spill or become exposed. Moreover, improper cleaning can cause months and years of pollutants to accumulate in various areas of the container. Regular and proper cleaning makes container contents in this sense suitable and hygienic for industrial usage.

Water and ice damage: Refrigerated containers are exposed to harsh weather conditions, in Canada, especially when transported by sea through different climate regions. The melting and freezing of water can accelerate damage to and improperly maintained reefer. Regular maintenance, such as coating and washing the reefers, can increase their life span.

Component damage: The various parts of reefers may get damaged due to sudden power failure, improper maintenance, inadequate temperature controls and equipment mishandling. When the vital components fail, the reefer container can’t perform optimally. Handling the unit with care and replacing broken parts on time helps your reefer last longer.

Regular maintenance and proper repairs improve the longevity of your refrigeration system. Partner with a professional team with experienced reefer container manufacturers and technicians to ensure you get value for money.

Proreefer is a Canadian leader in the maintenance and repair of reefer containers and equipment. We offer customers the option to customize products according to their needs. Talk to a specialist now to learn more about our services!


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